Chewing Tobacco Hurts More Than Just Your Teeth

Posted on 6/13/2018 by Karl Olson
Chewing Tobacco Olson Family Dental CT 06850Some people like the feel of a wad of tobacco between their cheek and gums. Others chew tobacco because they feel the need to do it. They may enjoy chewing tobacco, or they may have a habit, but they should also realize what they risk when they put it into their body.

Chewing tobacco can cause plenty of problems, especially when it comes to oral health. It is not just the teeth that are hurt. It affects many other things as well.

Thinking it is Safe
One of the biggest dangers is the idea that chewing tobacco is safer than smoking tobacco. The truth is that while the risks are a little different, there are still major health risks when you use chewing tobacco. Like most things surrounding tobacco, the amount of problems a person runs into varies and depends on how often they chew tobacco, how much they use and the way their body reacts.

Some people overlook the problem of chewing tobacco because they don't care about what they see. They do not worry that it stains their teeth or gives them bad breath. If a person is not worried about these things, they may want to consider the other things it does.

Big Problems
Chewing tobacco is placed between the lips and the gums. The acid that results from chewing tobacco can damage the skin and the gums. Gum recession is a common problem with this habit. That can lead to gum disease and the loss of all the teeth. There is also increased risk for canker sores and mouth ulcers with chewing tobacco.

By far the biggest risk people are taking when they chew tobacco is cancer. Oral cancer and cancer of the esophagus are common among long-term chewing tobacco users. It can cause a person to need surgery and other treatments to take care of the cancer. It is also something that kills as many as 20% of the people diagnosed with it. It is thought of as one of the most dangerous forms of cancer.

To learn more about the dangers of chewing tobacco to your oral health, contact the dental professionals at our offices.

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