Ways of Explaining Dental Pain When You Come See Us

Posted on 8/30/2018 by Karl Olson
Ways of Explaining Dental Pain When You Come See UsToothaches are commonplace in our office, but they occur for so many different reasons. They can range from mild to severe, consistent to recurring, and dull to sharp and debilitating.

When your tooth hurts like this you'll need to try to explain the toothache pain to us. There are a variety of ways you can do so.

"It's occasionally feeling sensitive."

This is when your teeth ache because you've eaten or drank something hot or cold. While you may not feel this is an emergency, you should visit our office before it becomes one. The problem could be with the enamel growing weaker, which means you'll soon develop cavities that lead to tooth decay.

"It generally aches."

When more than one of your teeth hurts you could be grinding your teeth (bruxism). The combination of the excessive pressure and friction can wear your teeth's chewing surfaces down, making them ache and causing your gums and jawbone to be sensitive.

"There's sharp, shooting pain when I bite down."

This is probably because your tooth's nerves are exposed. When this happens, your tooth is in immediate danger. This is because oral bacteria can cause an infection in the tissue that's left exposed here.

How we can Help

Knowing how to talk to us and describe the pain that you're experiencing is important. Not every type of toothache will feel the same because not every toothache is caused by the same issue.

You need to explain this pain to us so that we can figure out what your problem is right away. This is the first step to solving your issue, but none of this can start until you're ready to pick up your phone and give us a call so we can have you come into our office as soon as possible.

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