Should You Make Homemade Mouthwash?

Posted on 10/30/2010 by Karl Olson
Should You Make Homemade Mouthwash?Many people are increasingly concerned about chemicals and toxins added to the products they use for their oral health. With new research and more information comes the knowledge that many things that are added to toothpaste and mouthwash can cause more harm than good.

While mouthwash is good for rinsing away harmful bacteria, but the alcohol in it can also kill bacteria that is beneficial for your oral health.

Is Making Homemade Mouthwash Good for Your Teeth?

If you have ever used any antiseptic mouthwash, you probably feel an intense burning sensation while swishing for 30-seconds. This happens because of the alcohol in mouthwash. When good bacteria are killed, it can make your mouth more susceptible to disease. Oral antiseptics also contain sweeteners to make them more palatable.

You can make your own simple mouthwash at home with distilled water and baking soda. No added sugars or alcohol are needed. Baking soda is one of the best things for your teeth because it is an anti-inflammatory and also helps to eliminate stains. If you add sea salt to the mix, the benefit to your teeth is even more significant. Salt is also an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.

This won't taste as good as the mouthwash sold at your local pharmacy, but the benefits of using natural ingredients that are good for your teeth are undeniable.

Another technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years that can serve as a homemade mouthwash is oil pulling. Oil pulling is when you swish with a tablespoon of essential oil for up to 30-minutes. There is no scientific evidence, but people who use this method claim that it improves their next checkups.

The jury is out as to whether you should use mouthwash that contains alcohol which can get rid of beneficial bacteria your mouth needs to be healthy. You can easily create your own version of a healthy mouthwash that won't taste as good, but can be beneficial for your oral health.

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