Problems You May Face with Overlapping Teeth

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Karl Olson
Problems You May Face with Overlapping TeethIt is a sad fact that very few people are born with perfect teeth – that's what corrective dentistry aims to fix!

But even if you are satisfied with your smile, there are several issues that may arise from having misaligned bites, whether naturally due to genetics, from previous poor care, or from traumatic injury.

Also known as malocclusion, overlapping teeth can lead to a host of problems if not treated promptly and properly.

Higher Risk of Infection
In perfectly shaped teeth, there are far fewer places for bacteria to hide. This is not the case with overlapping teeth, where not only can brushing be more difficult, but unexpected hiding spots may get missed with routine care and allow a flourishing culture to thrive until your next visit.

If your teeth overlap, it is important to speak with our dentists to ensure that you are brushing, flossing, and cleaning all the places in your unique mouth that bacteria may grow.

Toothaches and Pains

Even if you carefully care for your teeth, the structure of your mouth may cause unnecessary discomfort. If you regularly experience toothaches and throbbing jaw pains, or even if you occasionally bite your cheeks and tongue, it may be because of the misalignment.

There are multiple categories of malocclusion, ranging from the least severe Type 1 (slight overlap) to the most severe Type 3 (prognathism, where the jaw protrudes to adapt to the overlap.) In the most minor cases, no long-term treatment may be necessary, but for the more severe cases, a visit to an orthodontist may be recommended, with long and costly treatments including braces, metal plates, or even full extraction of interfering teeth. The sooner you are seen, the better!

Speech and Self-Esteem
Having overlapping teeth is likely to have caused long-term effects on both your physical and mental health. Many people who suffer from this have speech problems that can be remedied by treatment, and "smile shyness” due to the different appearance of their mouth.

Whether securing that job interview or just laughing freely at jokes, a winning smile doesn't just feel good to have, but makes you feel great every time you display it!

While not all cases of overlapping teeth are equal, it is still important to proactively seek the best treatment option available for you. Whether you suffer from constant infections, regular toothaches, or even just tight-lipped smiles, contact us today to discuss your situation and get your smile back.

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