There Are Many Myths About Root Canals - Do Not Let Them Stop You From Getting Treatment!

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Karl Olson
There Are Many Myths About Root Canals – Do Not Let Them Stop You From Getting Treatment!Friday the 13th. Halloween. Insidious. Root canals. They sound like they belong together, don't they? While three of them are scary movies, more people are afraid of having root canals than they are watching scary movies.

While root canals used to be painful and required multiple trips to the dentist in the past, today's root canals are very different. Don't let your fear of root canals stop you from getting treatment!

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure to replace the pulp within a tooth that has become infected. Often, you might experience tooth pain before a dentist recommends a root canal. The pain can become severe. In a root canal, the dentist removes the pulp that is infected, cleans up the infection, and then seals your tooth to prevent further infection- which usually saves the tooth.

Myths About Root Canals

One myth about root canals is that they are always painful. However, research done on patients who recently had a root canal reveals that patients were in more pain before a root canal than during the procedure or after the root canal was complete. A second myth about root canals is that they take several visits to the dentist to complete.

Usually, root canal procedures can be completed in one or two visits. Many people also believe that root canal therapy causes illnesses and spreads bacterial infections. In reality, root canals work to prevent infection in your teeth and gums by taking care of an infected tooth before it can become worse and spread to other teeth.

If you are concerned about your teeth, or you are experiencing pain in your teeth, why not give us a call today? We can talk to you about our dentistry practice, and how to have as pain free a procedure as possible. We will be happy to make your fears about root canals a thing of the past.

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