Ways of Getting Your Smile Ready for Photographs

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Karl Olson
Ways of Getting Your Smile Ready for Photographs While in the past, photographs were reserved for holiday occasions. However, with a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, picture perfect smiles are all over the internet.

That means your smile needs to be camera ready all the time. Need some suggestions? We have some ideas on how to get your smile ready for all those photos you know you are going to take.

Smile and Eat Your Veggies

One way that you can work on a brighter, healthier smile that will be camera ready is to eat your fruits and vegetables. Nearly all of the fruits and veggies contain vitamin C, which helps with saliva production. Of course, there are always the added benefit of fruits and veggies to your diet, which aids in healthier teeth and gums overall.

Don't Do Darks
If you are trying to prepare your smile for the camera, stay away from dark liquids. Dark liquids such as cola, wine and dark juices, and coffee or tea. These liquids work against all of your efforts to whiten your teeth, by staining them darker than their original color. If you must do dark liquids, use a straw, because straws will allow the liquids safely past your teeth. Also, rinsing your mouth after you drink dark liquids will help keep the stains off your teeth.

Try Teeth Whitening

In addition to nutrition, you may want to try whitening products. First, whitening toothpastes remove stains from your teeth, and prevent future stains from happening. You can use whitening toothpastes twice a day to continue to whiten your teeth. For tougher surface stains, try a whitening kit. Remember that you can only use a whitening kit for a specific period of time, so follow the directions.

If you need additional help with whitening your teeth, why not schedule an appointment or give us a call? We can help you with all of your teeth whitening needs, and make sure your smile is as bright as you want it.

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