How Your Tongue Affects Your Breath

Posted on 4/15/2019 by Karl Olson
How Your Tongue Affects Your BreathNo one wants bad breath and frankly, short of asking someone, it is hard to know if you have it. You know you practice good oral hygiene. You brush regularly, you floss, and you use mouthwash too. Do you still have to worry?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, you do. Though brushing and flossing are the first lines of defenses against bad breath or halitosis, it's a technical name, you can still end up with bad breath.

How Do You Get Bad Breath?

When you eat, the food you consume produces waste byproducts. These sit in the back of your mouth on your tongue and mix with the bacteria that occurs naturally in your mouth. When they mix and grow, they transform into volatile organic compounds which are essentially gasses. This is what makes it so easy for it to leave our mouth when you open it to talk. There is hope for those who practice good oral hygiene. These byproducts have to build up before they can be detected as bad breath.

So, What Can I Do?
Brush regularly and floss because the food that stays in your teeth also contributes. If you eat a high protein diet or drink liquids that cause dehydration, it is especially important to brush and you may need to brush more. Soda drinks and liquids that have a high sugar or acid content, even fruit juices, can help the bacteria grow. If you get dry mouth you must stay hydrated.

You should drink plenty of water to assist your saliva with its mouth-cleaning function. Eating breakfast is also helpful because it gets the saliva flowing. That is important because the bacteria build up in your mouth when you sleep. You can also get a tongue scraper. If you need help learning how to use it or have more questions, give us a call, we'll be happy to help.

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