How to Respond if a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Karl Olson
How to Respond if a Tooth Gets Knocked OutUnfortunately, the main form of injury for any child or adult is contact sports injury. This often means damage to the face. This makes a major link between athletic injuries and dentistry. These injuries range anywhere from minor chips to complete loss of one or more teeth.

If the tooth has been chipped, do what you can to find all the broken pieces and take them to us for repair. However, if the entire tooth or more than one tooth has been knocked out, then the quicker you act, the better your chances of saving the tooth or teeth, if the case may be. 

Do's and Don'ts
Be sure to confirm whether the tooth is for an adult or a child. If for a child, be sure to check if it is a baby tooth or an adult tooth as baby teeth do not need to be re-implanted. The roots of the tooth contain important fibers, therefore, never touch the root of the tooth, as those fibers and ligaments will be necessary for long term proper healing. Do not ever scrub the tooth, but simply rinse it with tap water if possible. If possible, simply put the tooth back in the socket. If it is not possible, go immediately to your dentist or nearest ER and take the tooth with you. Put the tooth back in your mouth next to your cheek so that the root stays moist.

The timetable for action is important for the survival of the tooth. It is generally thought that if the tooth is replaced in the socket within five minutes than the thought is the tooth can most likely survive. After five minutes there continues to be a decent survival rate for the next 60 minutes as long as the tooth or teeth are stored properly. After 60 minutes, the chances for survival decrease significantly. After that length of time, the tooth would most likely need to be re-implanted and splinted to an adjacent tooth or teeth for two to eight weeks and a root canal necessary for the long-term survival of the tooth.

Call our office immediately if you are in an accident or have an injury to your tooth so that we can help you get the fastest help possible.

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