Should I let My Child Pull Out Their Own Loose Tooth?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Karl Olson
Should I let My Child Pull Out Their Own Loose Tooth?If your child has a loose tooth, as in a loose baby tooth, it will come out on its own. More adventurous children might want to pull it out themselves, or they might want to just get it out due to pain or discomfort. If, for any reason, your child does want to pull the tooth themselves, tell them how to do it safely and comfortably. This is especially true if you have a tenacious child who tends to do what they set their mind to.

Loosening a Tooth Safely

It is fairly easy to see how ready a tooth is to come out. If it is connected with just a small piece of the gums, it is probably ready to come out. Chances are your child has been prodding at the tooth with their tongue to loosen it so encourage them to keep doing this. If a tooth is very loose, as in barely attached to the gumline and partially out, it might be time to gently remove it. If this is painful for your child, it is definitely time to get that tooth out.

Gentle Removal

If it seems like the time for a tooth to come out and your child wants to do it themselves, make the process comfortable. Depending on whether or not there is any pain, an oral analgesic can be applied to the local gum area, just be sure to give it a few minutes for the numbing to set in. Make sure your child has clean hands, then have them slowly and gently wiggle the tooth back and forth with their tongue and fingers. A very soft toothbrush can be a great tool as well and if the tooth is just hanging by the gum floss can help with the final detachment.

Once the tooth is out, let your child see and hold it. While they are inspecting their prize, inspect their mouth for any tooth fragments before applying gauze to the opening. Now for the last step, that long-awaited visit from the Tooth Fairy. If you have any questions, give us a call. We would love to help!

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