Gums and Teeth Both Get Damaged from Acidic Foods and Drinks?

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Karl Olson
Gums and Teeth Both Get Damaged from Acidic Foods and Drinks?Taking care of both your gums and teeth isn't always the easiest task for most. However, there are several other preventative measures you can take to ensure optimal oral hygiene beyond your usually brushing, flossing, and rinsing technique. Avoiding high acidity in both foods and beverages can reduce the wear and tear on your teeth as well as prevent any oral diseases.

What is Acid Erosion?

When you consume beverages and food with high levels of acidity, your teeth begin to suffer from acid erosion. Long-term acid erosion can cause permanent tooth sensitivity, discoloring, and decay by wearing down the enamel in your tooth. The enamel acts as a protective barrier over your teeth, and once worn away, exposes the dentin in your teeth. This causes plaque and other bacteria to be highly invasive, causing several unwanted issues.

What Foods Cause Acid Erosion

While not all highly acidic foods and beverages cause acid erosion, there are several common sources you may already be consuming daily that can contribute to it. Wine is a common culprit known to break down your enamel, regardless of the type (red, white, or rose). Most fruit juices cause acid erosion, but the most acidic ones include apple, orange, lemon, and cranberry. Similarly, the same citrus fruits found in juice can be highly acidic and cause damage to the enamel. Sour candy, such as gummy worms, contain acid that is usually derived from the same citrus fruits mentioned.

Sugar should generally be avoided, but not because it is acidic. Rather, it promotes the growth of acid-creating bacteria. This provides your mouth with a naturally acidic environment that can cause damage if left unbrushed for too long on too many occasions. Lastly, stomach acid from either acid reflux or vomiting is the worse type of acidity. If you suffer from acid reflux, an eating disorder, or any related condition that causes excessive stomach acid to reach your teeth, call our office today to help figure out treatment methods moving forward.

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