How To Keep Your Mouth Moist When You Struggle With Dry Mouth

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Karl Olson
How To Keep Your Mouth Moist When You Struggle With Dry MouthA dry mouth can result from various factors such as underlying health conditions, the composition of your diet, and lifestyle. Keeping your mouth moist is necessary for better oral health. Therefore, we need to learn the causes of xerostomia (dry mouth) and how best to handle it.

Reasons For dry Mouth

Dehydration can cause dry mouth since it may affect the amount of saliva produced by the salivary glands. Causes of dehydration include excess glucose in the blood, alcohol intake, and excess salt in your food, leading to frequent urination. All these factors can contribute to water loss in your body, which reduced your saliva content. Similarly, medical conditions such as diabetes may lead to dry mouth; diabetes causes a rise in blood sugar levels, which absorbs water from your body, causing dehydration. Patients who have asthma may also report cases of xerostomia. When they frequently breathe through the mouth, the dry air absorbs all the moisture, leaving the mouth dry. Finally, if you have had a previous surgery that might have involved your salivary glands, you may inhibit less saliva production.

How To Manage a Dry Mouth

The best remedy for dry mouth is frequent water intake/ hydration. Not only does it hydrate the body, but it also helps moisten the mouth. When the mouth is moist, there is better ingestion; hence, fewer particles are left in the mouth after eating; this reduces the chances of tooth disorders. For patients who suffer from underlying health conditions such as asthma, you can ensure that you take the right medication with suppressed side effects. Sugar-free chewing gums may also stimulate saliva production to moisten your mouth. Similarly, limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake may help reduce water loss; hence, conserve your saliva. You can also improve your saliva retention by eating foods low in sugar and salt. For more information about dry mouth and its remedies, contact our offices.

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