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Nothing makes us happier than a patient with a healthy, beautiful smile. When we meet a patient here at our office, we will work hard to ensure that the smile stays intact and whole. However, for some of our patients, dental extractions are an unfortunate requirement and unavoidable. While we try to avoid dental extractions in most circumstances, there are occasions that do arise that do require them. Some of the reasons that may necessitate a dental extraction include the presence of deep infection or tooth decay, severely damaged or broken teeth, and even dental crowding. When we encounter these situations, we here at Olson Family Dental may have to advise a dental extraction to some of our patients.

What Occurs During a Dental Extraction?

The term dental extraction refers to any procedure that we may perform in our office to remove a tooth from your mouth. While our ultimate goal is to preserve your teeth, we do understand that some patients do require dental extraction. When that happens, we will work hard to ensure that you experience zero discomforts during this procedure.

There are two main types of dental extractions that we perform. The first kind is called a simple extraction. During a simple extraction, we will carefully loosen your tooth with a special tool known as an elevator. This makes the tooth easier to remove. Once it is loosened enough, we will then use our forceps to extract the tooth from your mouth. A simple extraction can normally be performed with local anesthetic.

Some of our patients, unfortunately, do require more intensive dental extraction. This is called a surgical extraction. Patients who require a surgical extraction may need it for a variety of reasons. These may include a tooth that has broken off beneath the gumline or a tooth that has not properly erupted yet.

We will surgically cut into your gums to remove your tooth. Sometimes bone does need to be removed. This procedure cannot be performed with local anesthetic and often does require local and intravenous anesthesia. Some of our patients may require general anesthesia, however.

After your dental extraction, we will send you home with aftercare instructions. Please make sure you follow them to avoid any complications. After the procedure, we will have you bite down on a piece of gauze for a half hour. Please do not remove this gauze before then, as it will help a clot to form over the surgical site. This is to prevent a painful complication known as dry socket. Eat soft food in the 48 hours after the procedure, and avoid using drinking straws, as they can also lead to dry socket. Avoid tobacco and alcohol products. After 24 hours pass, you can gently rinse your mouth with salt water. Avoid swishing too vigorously, so you do not disturb your clot. Be mindful of any signs of infection, such as a fever, bleeding that does not stop, severe pain, and a foul taste in your mouth.

If You Need an Extraction, Call Our Office and Schedule an Appointment

While a dental extraction may seem scary, we will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable during this safe and routine procedure. To learn more about dental extractions, or to schedule an appointment for a checkup at our office, please give us here at Olson Family Dental a call today at (203) 838-3132!

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